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The best EVs for 2020

Best EVs to purchase in 2020

Tesla Model 3, Kia e-Niro, Jaguar I-Pace, Hyundai Kona Electric, Tesla Model S,Nissan Leaf ,Mercedes EQC , Audi e-Tron,BMW i3 and the Renault ZOE 

Electric car sales in the UK are still in the lower region, but the future's bright and things are changing. The selection of new electric cars is growing fast and will continue to do so as more manufacturers get on board with the technology, delivering models with longer ranges, faster charging times and more affordable prices.The availability of fast and rapid chargers at homes and workplaces, as well as in public spaces, means the number of people who could swap into a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and enjoy its lower running costs with relatively little inconvenience, is greater along with the expanding range of models. Even if you can’t manage with a pure EV, there’s the choice of plug in hybrids.

Deciding what EV to have.

While Charging points in the UK are on the rise, regular long trips in an electric car can still prove to be stressful. The perfect usage pattern for an EV involves charging at home overnight when electricity tariffs are lower, making sure there’s enough charge, not requiring to top up the battery again during the day. You’ll need somewhere to charge at home potentially, but there’s a way around this if they’re EV charging points at work or plenty of public charging points nearby. If your average daily mileage exceeds the range of your electric car, we’d advise you to think twice, but the occasional longer trip should be perfectly fine. As the technology improves and the average range of electric cars grows, more people will find that they could manage with EVs

Forget about the EV price to buy, the running costs fit the bill.

EVs can look expensive compared to equivalent petrol or diesel models but look very closely. First, you’ll need to be aware of exactly what you’re buying, because some manufacturers allow you to buy the car and lease the battery separately to keep costs down.Whatever the arrangement, you’ll need to do the calculations. Charging an electric car is far cheaper than fuelling a petrol or diesel one. Free VED (road tax), the company car tax advantages and the lower maintenance costs that result from an EVs fewer moving parts, and the lower cost of running an electric car should more than make up for the higher upfront price.

EVs designed for daily use

EVs tend to be built on purpose-designed platforms, delivering boot and passenger space equivalent to petrol and diesel rivals.With everything from a small city vehicle,smaller SUVs to executive saloons and luxury SUVs to choose from, there should be EVs to meet the needs of many buyers.

The EV drive

EVs tend to be heavier than petrol and diesel models, this means they can feel less powerful, but there’s a long list of benefits to the way they drive that many will find preferable.To start with, you get near silent cruising with next to no sound from the electric motors. In traffic, the car slows itself when you lift off the throttle, so it’s possible to drive around town using just one pedal, hardly ever touching the brake. Easy driving feel, with the instant torque provided by the electric motor means that even everyday EVs have the potential to leave a hot hatch standing when pulling away.

Is the EV the correct choice for you

Electric cars have zero exhaust, emissions, however the overall environmental credentials of an electric car depend greatly on the source of the electricity used to charge it.


EVs are still selling in small numbers and we haven’t seen enough of them doing significant mileages to give a positive outcome on reliability. We do know that EVs have fewer moving parts than conventional cars and there’s little evidence from hybrid or electric cars that battery performance degrades substantially with use, although you are likely to see a gradual reduction in capacity. Watch out for 2020 and what's coming

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