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Business car leasing

Business car leasing works well for any size of operation, but it is particularly advantageous for companies who run between 1 and 50 cars. 

One of the primary benefits is the financial flexibility it provides. Unlike purchasing, there’s no need for a significant upfront investment. This is good news for any size of business, but particularly for smaller operations with limited cash reserves. 

Monthly lease payments are typically lower than the loan repayments for purchased vehicles, which helps reduce the pressure on cash flow and enables you to allocate funds to other business-critical areas. What’s more, leasing makes it easier for businesses to run newer models that are more fuel or energy-efficient and have better in-car technology and safety features. Put it all together and you have a fleet that is safer, more efficient, and cheaper to run. 

Moreover, business car leasing often comes with considerable tax advantages as the lease payments can usually be deducted as a business expense, thus lowering your overall tax burden. Leasing also means you can avoid the pitfalls of depreciation and enables you to easily upgrade or change vehicles at the end of the lease term to suit your evolving business needs. 

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