• Salary Sacrifice

Big savings and happier employees

Salary Sacrifice is a great way to offer all of your employees the chance to drive brand new electric car for a lot less money. 

Why can we say that with such confidence? Quite simply, it all come down to the unique way in which driver pay for their vehicle, maintenance and insurance.

A Salary Sacrifice arrangements means that payments are taken directly from the employees salary, before any tax or national insurance deductions. Not only does this mean that employees can spend money that would have gone direct to the tax man on leasing a car they really want to drive, but you get happier, more loyal employees who are driving greener, safer, and cheaper to run vehicles. And if the scheme is designed in the right way then it doesn't cost you a penny.

Less Tax

Replace a portion of income tax and national insurance payments with cheaper Benefit in Kind taxation. 

More Saving

Inflation-proof monitoring with servicing, maintenance, and insurance costs fixed for up to 4 years.


Your drivers get a benefit that they really value and your business gets happier, more loyal employees.

Getting started with Salary Sacrifice

Each scheme is designed around the needs of your business and your drivers. This starts with an initial consultation to work out the right elements to include and how best to communicate the scheme to your drivers.

Driver benefits

  • Save up to 40% on a brand-new car
  • Go electric for a lot less money
  • No deposit or credit check
  • No road tax
  • Everything but the fuel included

Employer benefits 

  • Cost-neutral employee benefit
  • Attract and retain the right staff
  • Reduce grey fleet risks
  • Protection from early termination
  • Helps meet your sustainability goals
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