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What's the best way to finance a car or van?

There are lots of advantages to leasing your next car or van, but it is important to choose a finance option that's right for you. One that suits your objectives as well as your target monthly payment.
As an independent broker, we can help you choose the right type of vehicle finance and search the market to find the best overall value for you as an individual driver or as a business fleet operator.
In most cases, this will come down to a choice of:

Personal Car Leasing

Personal leasing can work very well for individuals who want a car for 2-4 years, with the option to include fixed cost servicing, maintenance, and breakdown cover.

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Business Contract Hire

The most popular form of car finance for VAT-registered businesses, Business Contract Hire can help to reduce the cost and risk of running any size and type of vehicle fleet. 

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Contract Purchase

For those who prefer to own their vehicle at the end of the contract, Contract Purchase has fixed monthly payments, followed by a final, usually optional, balloon.

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Finance Lease

A great choice for anyone who is happy with the risk vs potential reward of ownership, but still prefers the low-cost monthly payments of vehicle leasing.

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