Confidence in UK charging infrastructure declines

Consumers are less confident on the UK’s EV charging infrastructure than they were in 2022 

What car asked consumers in the market to buy a car would they be comfortable owning an electric car if they could only use public chargers to recharge their car.

Just 17.7% of electric vehicle buyers said yes compared to 25.3% in August 2022.

“The drop suggests declining confidence in the country’s public charging infrastructure, potentially a result of the ongoing energy and cost of living crisis which has seen tariffs rise for users,”

Research of 1207 in-market buyers, of which 156 (12.9%) were in the market for a fully electric vehicle (EV), found 93.6% of EV buyers will be able to charge their car at home overnight, with 84.3% already owning or looking to install a wallbox charger.

In the latest study, What Car? also asked the 1051 in-market buyers not in the market for an electric car what their reasons were for not considering one. Nearly half (47.2%) cited EVs as being too expensive for their consideration,
while 41.6% said the public charging network isn’t good enough for their needs.

A lack of home charging possibility was quoted by 23.5%, while poor vehicle range was highlighted by 15.9%.

On the subject of poor vehicle range, our experience via customer feedback is that German manufacturers namely Audi + BMW are the worst
with Tesla, Kia + Hyundai offering much closer real life range as advertised

However it appears there are no such issues for Government officials as there are 1,832 chargers in the borough Westminster
In comparison Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle have only 739 combined

Odd that !

 31st March 2023